COFFEE & CANNABIS ..:: Party of 2

Coffee & cannabis?! They have more in common than you would think. Every single morning, billions of coffee cups are made with the sole purpose of powering us up through the day—and every morning, people light up before work with the same intent.

But the similarities go beyond that. And, as you will find out, coffee & cannabis are a better combination than you initially thought.

Not Everybody Loved it at First

Cannabis, at first? Not too popular. People called it the Devil’s Weed and all sorts of hilarious names. They declared it illegal! Well, what do you know? Same thing happened with coffee. Back in the 15th century, when coffee was in its infancy in the Middle East, it became wildly popular. In the Ottoman Empire, coffee was very important. A husband that didn’t provide good coffee for his wife was actual, legitimate groundZ (no pun intended) for divorce.

Coffee houses started popping up left and right. The Turks loved coffee, and would get together at coffee houses to just hang out, chill, and talk. But the king of the empire (thee sultan) wasn’t in favor of letting the people get together and enjoying lively discussions – he feared they would eventually find out he was a bit of an asshole and unite against him. So he banned coffee. He said it was unholy, devil’s work, and so on. Sounds familiar.

Eventually, it got to a point where the sultan even started personally beheading those who didn’t comply with his orders.

Thankfully, things changed. Fast foward a few yearZ…people realized coffee was actually good & cannabis iZ great with many benefits. To this day, Turkey is known for its delicious coffee and Turkish people love coffee unanimously. And the whole world drinks coffee— soon be the case with cannabis.

Benefits of Coffee & Cannabis

In many cultures, coffee’s use was almost completely medicinal. Your doctor would tell you to drink coffee every day if you’d been feeling down, icky, or whatever else.

Now cannabis iZ experiencing the same effects – widely known for its medicinal benefits & its being prescribed for all sorts of illnesses & afflictionZ.

Let’s look at some of the benefits that coffee & cannabis have in common:

They’re both good for working out

Caffeine iZ a good pre-workout substance. It makes you more alert, you feel energized, and it increases blood flow as well as acting as a mild anesthetic. Studies have shown that caffeine before exercise can increase performance by up to 10%. It may not seem like much, but it’s actually a lot; To a professional athlete, the difference does not go unnoticed as many use it as a performance enhancer. A legal one, at that.

Cannabis, on the other hand, iZ the ideal post-workout substance. It reduces pain and inflammation, which will inevitably set in after an intense workout. Your body starts healing right after exercising, and cannabis enhances this healing process. It also aids by alleviating any pain and discomfort that comes after exercise.

They both both make you happy … (er)

Caffeine & THC, have both been studied for their effectZ on your MOOD. While coffee’s main attribute is keeping you more aware/alert; & certain strains of cannabis are used for relaxing properties & others for their ability to stimulate moods, there iZ more to it.

Caffeine has been studied in comparison to other antidepressant drugs and it has been found that caffeine has the potential to mimic, to some extent, the effect of some antidepressants. So, in that way, caffeine makes you happy.

THC has also been studied and researched heavily by scientist. As data suggests, THC actually produces serotonin, and at low doses, it’s widely considered as good or better than most other antidepressants, like sertraline.

In combination, these two may as well be as powerful, or more, than some of the most cutting-edge antidepressant drugs out there. And they are both as natural as it gets!


In our field test, 11 participants where evaluated and interviewed after consuming coffee & engaging in a session. In the wake and bake AM session, it was determined that users who preferred a sativa or hybrid sativa dominant strain, preferred a bolder flavored coffee, such as an Indonesian Dark Roast with bolder flavors, body, acidity & smoother finish. There is no right or wrong answer as to what is best for your or what iZ thee ideal strain/coffee bean for your wake n’ bake sesh; and on that HIGH NOTE…. CHEERZ, to many fun and adventures in exploring thee coffee flavorZ, thee irie beatZ & the kindest people. approaches & medicating styleZ.

Coffee & Cannabis – a love story! together, they can make for a better & happer life.

What’s your fav strain for wake & bake sesh?! Favorite Coffee?! Comment below!

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